their leftover chalk and draw huge murals at night for them to wake up and see the next day. Scott only recently attended his first festival held in Arbor Lakes.

Scott enjoys producing large scale works of mostly fictional subject matter including Disney, Videogame and Comic book characters. He enjoys the atmosphere around street art as much as completing the art itself. He regularly will stop working to interact with the audience and has, on occasion, offered children the chance to help him draw and blend when working on a live piece.

Scott's girlfriend, Kaitlyn, will often accompany him on his travels to different events. She occasionally helps Scott with different blending and background aspects of the murals. They have 3 dogs with whom they spend most of their free time.

Scott Van House is from Crystal, MN. He has only been street chalking for a little over a year and actually got started by accident. When he lived in Apple Valley, the neighbor kids would often leave their chalk out and in his driveway. He would take